Carl Goldberg Sophisticated Lady ARF Review!

This is the new Carl Goldberg Sophisticated Lady being Re-released as an ARF by Great Planes. It is a 78" Thermal Glider that can be launched by a high start or used as a light wind Sailplane. The ARF kit runs between $100-$110 purchase price depending on where you buy it.This model is covered in Monokote. Carl Goldberg kits go back a long way and a lot of his kit planes were great flying models!

I have built several of the kits they put out and was very pleased with all of them in quality and performance.When I first opened the box for this ARF it was packaged well and the model looked great but as I took parts out of the bags, I started to notice things that I was not too happy with on the wing sections. There was a little buckling in the sheeting on the mid wing leading edge and the polyhedral joint on both wing sections looked pretty shabby where they were connected by the factory. I broke out the heat gun to tighten the Monokote and as I took out the wrinkles it wasn't getting any better. 🙁 The elevator, stab and rudder looked great so I went ahead and started assembling the model. The instructions were well written and easy to follow. I first joined the wing halves using 30 minute epoxy making sure the center panel plywood ribs were flush and then I worked on attaching the T-tail to the rudder. I installed the cable for the elevator and then installed the rudder on the fuselage. I wasn't thrilled with the setup with the cable in the T-tail but if I remember rightly it was setup the same way in the original kit so I am guessing they took the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" stance, which works for me. I installed the servos and hooked up the provided linkage and put the wing on the model. This is when it struck me, the wing has a slight forward sweep in it! I never built the original kit but I am pretty sure it didn't have a swept forward wing on it LOL but I could be wrong. I am just hoping it is not enough to effect the way it flies. I am not going to have a chance to fly this one for at least a few days and I still have to paint the pilot in the cockpit . My buddy Gusser took the plane out slope soaring last weekend and he said it flew great! He said the model was a good performer in around 8 to 10 mph wind.




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Assembly time: 5 hrs (*1)

Kit Difficulty (1-5) 2 (*1)

Kit Quality (1-5) 3 (*2) wing is a pretty crucial part on any model

(*1)This represents the amount of difficulty and time I spent building this model and in no way reflects how long it will take for someone else to complete the task. These factors will depend on your individual skill in modeling.

(*2) Every Kit or ARF is different and this rating in no way reflects this product as a whole. This rating is just my experience with the individual product I dealt with.

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