Speedo Pro Mark II 1.2M Thermo Glider Review!

The Speedo Pro Mark II Thermo Glider is the advanced version of the R Hobbies Speedie Glider. The model price was just under $100. This is my first experience with a R Hobbies product and I am pretty impressed with the quality of the model so far. The ARF quality was very good and all the parts came packaged nicely. Each individual part came wrapped in plastic. Be sure to pick up 3 micro servos for the build. You will also need two 6 inch servo extentions and a "Y" to link the aileron servos. I am pretty bummed the model we received didn't come with any instructions or user manual. I went to R Hobbies website and downloaded the user manual for the Speedo ARF, but a) the images did not seem to be the same model, and b) they left MUCH to be desired. Now I am starting to think this  is why they didn't include them in the kit LOL. For an experienced builder this model shouldn't take more then 3 or 4 hours to put together, yet I feel that the novice builder might be completely overwhelmed with the lack of any detailed instructions in the current user manual. Due to the lacklustre instructions, I am giving the model a build level difficulty of 3 instead of a 2. My only complaint about the model build is the way they setup the elevator. The kit doesn't include a servo pushrod connector and all the ones I could find hit the canopy when installed, so I flipped the connector in the servo control arm so it is pointed down to clear and got rid of the z bend at the tail and added another push rod connector to provide adjustment. Also the elevator control horn included doesn't give much room for control surface movement if you put it  in the position they suggest. I made a couple of very minor changes to their setup but if you follow their instructions you should still be ok providing you can find a smaller pushrod connector then the one I used. It was the smallest available at my local hobby store and I didn't want to spend the gas checking them all to find a smaller one. The rest of the build went pretty much without a problem. Went to Grass Mountain and took The speedo for a test flight and it is really a great performer. This model is really a great deal providing you are looking for a light wind flyer.


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Robert Wright



Assembly time: 4 hrs (*1)

Kit Difficulty (1-5) 3 (*1)

Kit Quality (1-5) 4 (*2)

(*1)This represents the amount of difficulty and time I spent building this model and in no way reflects how long it will take for someone else to complete the task. These factors will depend on your individual skill in modeling.

(*2) Every Kit or ARF is different and this rating in no way reflects this product as a whole. This rating is just my experience with the individual product I dealt with.

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  1. looks  awesome as usual rob!!!  cant wait to do the flight test….  excellent review as well rob… the rc community definitely appreciates the time you put into this very informative build..thanks again ……………   gusser

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