Valley Flyers and Circle Burners – Swap Meet & Teach and Fly, July 10th 2011

Valley Flyers and Circle Burners - Swap Meet & Teach and Fly

I arrived at the Apollo XI airfield at the Sepulveda Basin at a time that I thought was early, but boy was I in for a big surprise! The regular parking area was completely full at 8 AM! I talked to several of the locals who were already on-site when I got there, and they told me that the place started to fill up at around 7 AM. I couldn't believe it! I have been to several of the swap meets at this field and usually there is a fair amount of people, but I have never seen this many! Everyone is out looking for bargains! The Control line events weren't suppose to start for another hour, so  I figured I would browse through some of the tables of stuff people were trying to sell. There were several tables of really good deals but I couldn't find any of the items I was looking for. I also noticed a few tables that had stuff priced like the sellers wanted to take the stuff back home with them LOL. Maybe the wife is trying to clear some space in their garage πŸ™‚ 9 AM rolled around so I moved over to the control line circles to see if the flying had started over there yet. The event organizers John Patwell and Bill Barber had already setup the tent area and were getting ready to start putting student pilots in the air. Seasoned Veteran control line flyer Tony Naccarato was nice enough to volunteer his Sunday to help out the student pilots with their first flights by guiding them in the circle. Sometimes first time control line flyers can get a little dizzy in the circle. Having an experienced Co-pilot in the circle too can save them from having any new pilot mishaps. All in all the Swap Meet & Teach and Fly was a huge success!

Swap Meet turnout was phenomenal!
Hundreds of hobbyists turned up looking for a good deal or maybe to unload a little garage clutter.   
 As usual the Valley Flyers were setup to feed the masses with great food and cold drinks πŸ™‚  
 The Circle Burners prepping for the Teach and Fly Event.
 The First Student Pilot of the day!  
 Trainer planes lined up and ready to go!  






































Veteran flyer Tony Naccarato helping Sean Wright get back in the control line groove, It's been a while since Sean has flown.

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