Great Planes ElectriFly Fokker D.VII ARF Review

The Great Planes Fokker D.VII ElectriFly ARF has been out a few years now but it still seems to be a pretty popular model. I bought The D.VII and my father bought the Great Planes SE.5. If I remember rightly, I paid just over a hundred dollars for the model when I bought it but I think the price has come down a little on it now.



When I got the model home and opened the box as usual with Great planes kits the model was packaged very well with each individual part covered in plastic. The model is a balsa wood frame contruction. There was only a few areas on the airframe where the Monokote had slacked a little but for the most part it was pretty pristine. I hit those areas with a heat gun to tighten up the loose spots and got to work gluing the model. Be very careful when using the heat gun on this model. The Monokote overlapping is very tight and if you heat it up too much the corners or edges could lift and create gaps in the covering. I heated it up a little too much on the elevator and shrunk one of the black stripes down a little in one spot. The instructions for the model were written extremely well and were very easy to follow. It was a fairly simple build that required installing all the CA hinges on the flight surfaces, the rudder and elevator, setting up the wing supports and installing the motor, landing gear and servos. You will need 4 micro servos, a Y and a 6 inch extension. I bought the recommended RimFire 400 motor and 18 amp ESC. This is a really cool looking model but I had a problem with a WWI Biplane having a gloss covering on it so I went ahead and bought some Testors mat water based spray paint and covered the entire model in it. I used small black fuel tube for the cockpit edge and and painted the engine in on the battery lid and what WWI Biplane would be complete without a scarf for the pilot! The model looked killer when done and pretty darn scale!



First Flight:

This was my first experience with a Biplane and a tail dragger style model. If you haven't flown one they are a very different style of flying as I soon found out. The take off needs to be very short and the landings can be a little scary due to the short wheel base. If you are looking for a sport model this will most likely not be your cup of tea. The D.VII is a very scale flying airplane that has a pretty slow roll rate and typical Biplane take off and landing characteristics. Don't get me wrong, the plane flies very well but it just wasn't my style of flying. If you do want a WWI Biplane but would like one that is a little more maneuverable you might want to consider the Great Planes SE.5 like my father bought. It has both upper and lower ailerons which gives it a much better roll rate. If you are looking for a Biplane that looks killer and has typical WWI fighter characteristics, this is the plane for you!


Wingspan: 36 in (914 mm)
Wing Area: 360 in² (23.2 dm2 )
Weight: 25.7 oz (730 g)
Wing Loading: 10 oz/ft² (30 g/dm²)
Length: Length: 27 in (685 mm)
Requires: 4-channel radio w/4 Futaba® S3107 micro servos, ElectriFly RimFire™ 28-30-950 kV brushless motor, ElectriFly Silver Series SS-25 brushless ESC, ElectriFly 1250mAh LiPo battery, LiPo-compatible charger



Thanx for taking the time to read my review





Assembly time: 6 hrs (*1)

Kit Difficulty (1-5) 2 (*1)

Kit Quality (1-5) 4 (*2)

(*1)This represents the amount of difficulty and time I spent building this model and in no way reflects how long it will take for someone else to complete the task. These factors will depend on your individual skill in modeling.

(*2) Every Kit or ARF is different and this rating in no way reflects this product as a whole. This rating is just my experience with the individual product I dealt with.

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