World Models Zero Fighter EP ARF Review

I received the World Models electric powered Zero as a Christmas gift last year (Thanx Mom and Dad! 🙂 ) The biggest selling point for this model is the fact that it is a scale looking Zero and the fact that it has retracts. I had seen the model at the local hobby shop several times and opened the box then to check it out. I was pretty impressed with the way the model looked and stated to my father who was standing right next to me at the time how great it would be to own this model! 🙂  I believe the Zero at the time was running around $130 at the stores I saw it in.


When I started taking the model out of the box all the parts were wrapped in plastic and all the covering seemed to be pretty nice and didn't require any tightening. The instructions for the model were pretty decent and easy to follow. The model will require a Y and two 6 inch extension, 4 standard micro servos and a high torque MG micro servo for the retracts. I tried a standard servo for the gear at first and it didn't take long for the gear to wreck that one, so I switched to a better servo. I bought a 30 amp ESC and used the stock motor that came with the ARF.  I always try not to change the design on a build unless I have to but I was extremely tempted to on the elevator for this model. After installing the push rods for the elevator, I noticed that the movement of the 2 linked rods together that move the left and right elevator flight surfaces was very tight and I was concerned that it might even lock the servo after a bit of use. I went ahead and sanded the rods smooth and used graphite on them to enhance their movement. The graphite seemed to do the trick and made me worry a little less. The model took a little while to assemble. Setting up and adjusting the retracts is where I spent most of my time on this build.

First Flight:

The finished model was pretty lite but it took a lot of lead in the nose to get the model to CG correctly. I personally would rather increase the engine size instead of installing dead weight but I wanted to fly the model so it would have too do for the time being. The model had good flight characteristics and performed pretty well on the first flight! I do feel however that the model is slightly under powered. This will give me an excuse to add a bigger motor and remove some of that lead. Also installing and removing the wing after every flight is a pain! Although I hear that World Models has now fixed this problem by installing a battery hatch on the newer versions. The wheel / rod covers look great when first applied but after using CA to put them on, they get pretty brittle. After a few sketchy landings, I now wish I hadn't put them on. They are all chipped and broken up. Speaking of crappy landings, this airframe is built pretty light and will not stand up to heavy or hard landings. If you are a beginning pilot you might want to steer clear of this one for a while til you get several hours of stick time. It doesn't take much to break this model. My next project on my zero is retract support repair LOL.




 Wingspan: 39.5 in (1000 mm)
 Flying Weight: 27 oz (760 g)
 Fuselage Length: 32 in (820 mm)
 Wing Area: 264 sq in (17 sq dm)
 Requires: 5-channel radio




Thanx for taking the time to read my review





Assembly time: 10 hrs (*1)

Kit Difficulty (1-5) 3 (*1)

Kit Quality (1-5) 4 (*2)

(*1)This represents the amount of difficulty and time I spent building this model and in no way reflects how long it will take for someone else to complete the task. These factors will depend on your individual skill in modeling.

(*2) Every Kit or ARF is different and this rating in no way reflects this product as a whole. This rating is just my experience with the individual product I dealt with.

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