11th Annual Hi Johnson Memorial Control Line Contest

It was another Beautiful day in the Van Nuys Basin at the Apollo XI Airfield for the 11th Annual Hi Johnson Memorial Control Line Contest. It was a great turn out and slightly hotter then I expected it to be LOL. After signing up for the .15 Carrier event I spent some time on the stunt circles talking to some of the pilots and friends. Unfortunately I could only make it for the Sunday event but I will definitely be posting the results for both days once they are made available. I made my way over to the carrier circle to set up my model and talk to the other pilots before the events started. After I put in my flights I made my rounds and took some pictures. All in All I had a great time!

Stunt planes lined up and ready to compete!
Setting up for the Carrier Contest
Eric Conley, Burt Brokaw and Ron Duly getting ready for Eric’s first Profile .36 Carrier flight
Best way to stay out of the heat is to stick to the shade 🙂
Kevin Kusik lining up a new model for some test flying
Tony Naccarato putting in one of his Profile .15 Carrier flights
Moving a stunt ship off the circle after a stunt flight
Eric, Burt and Myself holding the cups given as trophies this year


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