October 23, 2011 All Electric Fun Fly Event at the Sepulveda Basin!

It was a nice day to go flying today in So Cal! The weather was warm but not too hot and the All Electric Fun Fly Event at the Apollo XI airfield at the Sepulveda basin was packed with Flyers and event onlookers! I arrived a little on the late side at around 10am and the parking lot was packed with cars. I was lucky to even find a place to park! I walked around talking to a lot of the pilots and people just checking out the event and everyone was having a great time. I even spent a few minutes talking to the event's organizer Tony Naccarato and he was extremely pleased with the events turn out. The day started with open event flying and at mid day the F-22 Combat event started. There were a lot of pilots competing in the combat event! I filmed a couple of videos of some of the combat flights. It got pretty crazy at several points during the event. After the combat was over they set up a pair of pylons for a T-28 race that was scheduled for the Fun Fly. It was really cool seeing how many pilots they could get going around those pylons at the same time and also the age and skill of some of the younger pilots! I wish I could fly as well as some of these kids, it is pretty amazing! I filmed a few videos of the T-28 races as well. Another thing I did notice during the day today was the major advances in the quality of the newer electic power systems. I am a Nitro flyer guy from way back and I have to say I am seeing a lot more Nitro pilots making the switch to electric. I saw several large planes that had top notch power systems installed in them and my understanding is with the way the price is coming down on the electronic gear it is going to be real hard for the Nitro guys not to make the switch, JMO. I would say right now the price for the bigger models is getting pretty close to even with the Nitro models if you take into consideration the price of fuel and nitro clean up supplies not to mention all the hassle of having to wipe the models down after flying. All in all I had a great time and it is my feeling that it was a day well spent! šŸ™‚

The event sign up table and look at all those fabulous Raffle prizes!
We had a very wide variety of planes at the event
A very well done electric ducted fan F-86 Sabre
One of the Fastest Electric ducted fan models at the event
Standing room only in some areas!
A couple of the guys brought these really detailed and expensive RC Tanks. They can actually tell when the have shot each other!
IMO One of the best models of the day! A twin electric ducted fan ME-262, WOW!

Here are some videos!

Electric F-22 Combat

T-28 Pylon Racing

Thanx for checking out my Post!
Robert Wright

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  1. great job rob…  thanks for posting the t 28 race!

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