All Electric Fun Fly at the Apollo XI Airfield 4/29/2012


I have been taking a break lately from flying due to the fact that I crashed 4 planes in 4 weeks about 6 or 7 months back. I had a lot of friends call me and say you have to make the next electric meet, there is going to be a lot of cool events going on, so I figured I would check it out. It was a little overcast in the morning but it got very nice by the mid day! Tony Naccarato was running the event and it had a really good turn out! The best part of the day was all the pilots that brought their B17 Flying Fortress models to the field for a group fly event. Seeing all the B17's taxi out was a pretty cool site and the fact that they were all electric made it possible. Lets see you get that many Nitro motors running at one time LOL! I think there was 10 B17s in attendemce for a grand total of 40 motors! The next event was the giant scale 3D Combat model event that went over like a lead balloon due to model wing flexing problems LOL. The traditional F22 Raptor Combat flight had a bunch of entries. There was too many planes to count! Yet the carnage was kept to a minimum. I can't figure out why you can have that many planes in the air and rarely see a hit and then on the other hand have clear skies and 2 planes flying the pattern and have them hit each other almost every weekend, kinda funny actually! I shot videos of the main events and I am posting them below with some pictures.

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A very decent turn out at the Event and quite a few different airplanes!
There was a total of 10 B17 aircraft at the event and it was really cool to see them all fly!
Left to right, John Peters, Myself and Dave Dawson
Dave Dawson working on his Gee Bee with a Pratt-Whittney sound system.
The winner of the F22 Combat event and the first person to receive the New Black Sheep Squadron ACE T-shirt!

Here are a few videos of the events!

The B17's Taxi out to the Runway!

The B17's take of and fly around the field. There was a total of 10 in the air at once!

Combat Fail!

Dave Dawson with his Gee Bee with electric Pratt-Whittney sound system!

F22 Combat!

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