The 2012 Second Annual Teach N Fly and Swap Meet!

There was a great turn out for the second annual Teach N Fly and Swap Meet this year! Saw a lot of new young faces at the control line circles wanting to try their hand at flying!A very Special Thanks to Bill Barber and Tony Naccarato for taking the time to teach these young pilots! There was tons of stuff for sale at the swap meet and as usual I didn't have any cash to spare not to mention if my wife caught me bringing home any more hobby projects she would kill me LOL. I took several photos of the event as well as a video of Dave Dawson flying laps with his imfamous Bi-Slob. All in all it was a very nice day at the Basin.

Beautilful Day at the Sepulveda Basin!
Trainer planes were lined up and ready to go!
As usual the spectator area was packed with stuff for sale.
Lots of people checking out the items up for sale.
Tony helping a new pilot with his first flight of the day!


Dave Dawson and his custom Control Line Bi-Slob model!


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