Whittier Narrows Parking is no longer free with AMA Membership

Just a heads up for those that go to competitions at or occasionally fly at Whittier Narrows R/C field and Control Line Circles. Starting July 1st the Whittier Narrows Park will no longer accept the current AMA card as a free pass to enter the park.  (taken from the SGVRCL site) "This will only apply for weekend entrance, the park will remain open during the week and entry will remain free. The San Gabriel Valley Radio Control League members has been offered a discount on a yearly pass. This is for SGVRCL  members only.  Club members will be able to purchase a yearly gate pass for the very  reasonable charge of $25,00  non club members will have to pay the regular fee for a yearly pass for $125.00   A gate fee of $6.00 per day (Saturday and Sunday) is the normal entry fee. If you fly four times a year or more the $25.00 pass is the way to go.  But first you have to join the SGVRCL to get the discount price." My understanding is you can be the member of any local Socal club with AMA and still get the discount. The bummer is, a park rec person has to be called and an appointment needs to be made to have them install the parking sticker on your vehicle LOL. For me, I'm just gonna pay the $6. I usually only go there a couple of times a year.

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I fly Control line, Electric RC, Sailplanes and I have flown Nitro RC and Rockets in the past. I Pretty Much love all types of flying hobbies except helicopters. I just never got into them due to price and their style of flying. I am also into Hot Rods and occasionally I run RC Nitro 4x4 Trucks. Thanx for checking out my profile. :)

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