The Future of our Hobby?

I have left the field and club name out of this post because I don't want to cause them any more trouble or possibly wreck any chances of them getting their flying site back. Although they are more then welcome to post in the comment section below if they would like.

I know this isn't the first field that this has happened too but it is the first field to take a hit since I opened this website just over a year ago. I have a serious problem when a few pencil pushing bureaucrats decide that just because it is not something that they are interested in and because of one single incident that they shut down a flying site that has been in operation for over 25 years! This is a AMA Family club site that has over 200+ members and it has pretty much left these members with nowhere local to fly! I went to the offending parties website and by reading the itinerary it is pretty obvious they have other plans for the land which doesn't include a place for this club's members to fly. From reading the letters the club had posted on their site they received from the busy body's, it is pretty obvious to me that this was the intention of the new management all along and they were just waiting for a reason to give the club the ax. They called them Squatters! I think it is only a matter of time before this starts happening at other public flying sites as well. These people think they have the right to use our tax dollars to push us off the land we are funding and turn it into what ever they see fit? There are several other So Cal public flying sites that are also hearing grumbling about noise and air pollution from gas/Nitro motors as well and the sites are entertaining the idea of stopping the flying there as well. Some of these are major sites that have been open to flying for over half a Century! That is 50+ years people!

Is this what we have to look forward too as Americans? A bunch of busy body's telling us what we can and can't do with our free time? Shutting down the venues and past times they feel aren't environmentally friendly? Is that what we have all signed up for? I don't remember voting for that!

My heart goes out to this club and I hope they are able to get their flying site back or at least find a new place to call home.

Feel free to comment below and let everyone know what you think!


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Robert Wright
I fly Control line, Electric RC, Sailplanes and I have flown Nitro RC and Rockets in the past. I Pretty Much love all types of flying hobbies except helicopters. I just never got into them due to price and their style of flying. I am also into Hot Rods and occasionally I run RC Nitro 4x4 Trucks. Thanx for checking out my profile. :)

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  1. Rob,
        Very well written and thought out article.  Although I am a NEWBIE I totally agree and GET IT.  I watched your father amd his buddy fly at their preffered site that you and I now get to enoy together and it would be heartwrenching not to mention just totally wrong to see this happen to our site or any site for that matter.  Point taken and duely noted.  Now what can I/we do?  Hey nice site BTW.  I'm tripping around in here and it's nice to have a place to go visit especially since the control line side seems to be a bit overlooked/ignored for lack of a better term or word.  Hey it's me, Duane 🙂

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