12th Annual Hi Johnson Memorial Control Line Stunt and Navy Carrier Event

It was a beautiful weekend for the 12th Annual Hi Johnson Memorial Control Line Stunt and Navy Carrier Event. The event went on for 2 days of stunt flying and Carrier flying on the second day. I was there for both days but because of camera problems I was only able to take pictures the second day of the event.The weather on both days was in the mid 80ies and clear on Saturday and a little muggy on Sunday. The Saturday stunt turnout was very good with a lot of eager competitors and Sunday had a little less people. The Carrier event turnout was also pretty good and for some reason there seems to be a lot more interest in this event. There was a lot of stunt pilots entertaining the idea of trying their hand at the Carrier circle. I surely hope that more people enter these events and keep the fun and competition alive!

Bill Barber giving the safety meeting prior to the Stunt event starting on Sunday.
Tony and Burt setting up their models for the upcoming carrier competition.
Tony Naccarato and Ron Duly getting ready to start Dave Dawson's Guardian .36 profile Carrier. The plane was built by me
Stunt Planes lined up and ready for competition!


Ron Duly adding up the Carrier points for the day and a lot of folks trying to stand in the shade LOL.

The heat wasn't to bad unless you were standing directly in the sunlight.

Some of the Carrier Event cup winners. No cup for me this year, my plane was running like crap! :/

 My friend Duane shot a few really cool videos of the Carrier event and I will post them here as soon as I can.

Thank You for taking the time to check out my write up!

Robert Wright


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