Do they think we were born yesterday?

Yesterday me and a few friends arrived at the Apollo XI control line circles at the Sepulveda basin like we do every Sunday morning to find a bunch of helicopter pilots flying in the control line designated area. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal especially since there was a big event going on at the main RC field. When we asked them to move off the circles because we were going to start flying the pilots stated "that it wasn't just our area and they could fly anywhere they wanted!". When told again that the area was specifically our flying area and that it was posted in several places that there was no RC aloud in this area they stated "what signs?" There's no signs! with a snicker. When I went toward the gates to point out all the signs stating this fact, I noticed that someone had drilled out all the rivets and stole the "No Radio Controlled Aircraft or Vehicles in this Area" signs as well as the sign that stated the county violation code stating you couldn't fly RC in that area. I then looked at the second entrance and someone had removed the signs from there as well! Needless to say the control line guys were totally pissed off that someone would vandalize our area like that. As a control line flyer the flying circles at the basin is the only place we can fly for over 40 miles! I just found that it was kind of funny that a vandal would only take down the "No Radio Controlled Aircraft" signs and then leave all the other signs that say "No Rockets" and "No Smoking" in place. Pretty selective vandals I'd say! I have no idea who actually stole the signs but it really doesn't take a genius to figure it out. The county has been contacted to make arrangements to have new signs be welded into place. I just think it is very sad that someone would vandalize our area like that and for those that did steal the signs, just because the signs aren't there, doesn't make the rules vanish!

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Robert Wright
I fly Control line, Electric RC, Sailplanes and I have flown Nitro RC and Rockets in the past. I Pretty Much love all types of flying hobbies except helicopters. I just never got into them due to price and their style of flying. I am also into Hot Rods and occasionally I run RC Nitro 4x4 Trucks. Thanx for checking out my profile. :)

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