Chino Planes of Fame Airshow May 4-5 2013

Unfortunately the weather man discouraged me from going to the Chino airshow this year but my good friend Tony Naccarato and his son Ryan went and had a great time. They stated that there was a bunch of new planes this year that haven't been at the shows in the past including 5 fully operational P38's!They said it was really cool because they flew them in formation which is an extremely rare site these days. I just wish I had been there to see it :(. Tony was telling me about a new P40 at the field that was done up in an all polished skin that he had never seen before. They had a Sea Fury this year and a Spitfire! He also stated that stashed away in the museum they have a Messerschmitt ME109 they are currently restoring. I am hoping it will be a flying restoration and not just a hanger hanger. I am posting some of the pictutes Tony and his son took, I hope you enjoy them. I will definately be catching next years show!

Corsair with wings folded waiting for some air time.
P40 with a polished shell. First time I have seen this one.
Really nice Hawker Sea Fury.
P38J Lightning, they had 5 operational P38's on hand! 
Really nice P51D getting ready to take flight.
B25 making a pass.
Tony stated that the pilot in the Bi-plane did a killer stunt show!
Pea Shooter in the foreground with a P38 making a pass in the backround. Very cool shot!
The  extremely rare site of Five P38's flying in formation. Wish I was there.

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