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By mousing over the Flying Fields link at the top of this page it should provide a drop down menu with a selection of local Southern California Counties. Mouse down to the County you're looking for and select the desired flying field. Keep in mind when hunting  for a flying field, certain flying fields only allow certain types of flying. Additionally, some of the school flying fields only allow gliders and electric RC models.

I don't want to sound like a square, folks, but in the 21st Century liability is KING. When flying your model please consider flying in the park areas that are set aside for this activity (Flying Fields). You might also want to consider joining the AMA. It is a great organization and has insurance that comes free to it's members for up to $1,000,000. Well worth the $60 a year to join, It also comes with a monthy magazine!

Control Line: There are several fields in the SoCal area that have circles set up for control line flyers, and a few of them can even accommodate Navy Carrier and speed models! Keep in mind, however, that while you only need about a 120' circle to fly your full size control line model in the local parking lot or school yard, it is generally not legal to do so. If the local law enforcement catch you flying there they can and sometimes do hand out a pretty steep priced citation especially if you are a repeat offender. Airplanes ALWAYS draw an audience; that is the reason most people fly: for the attention! If someone walks into your circle while you are flying and gets hit by your model, you and the owner of the parking lot or public school you are in are going to be liable for any injuries sustained there. This is the reason you aren't aloud to fly anywhere you please anymore. The carefree days of the sixties and seventies are, sadly, gone. LOL.

Free Flight: unfortunately, there are only a few areas large enough to be set aside for Free Flight modeling. Most of these flying fields are marked in the Flying Field drop down menus and are usually pretty far from civilization. There is a reason for this. Don't be the one paying for your neighbor's car or house window, or repairing their roof because your model crashed through it, LOL.

ROCKETS: I am a huge Rocket fan and love to launch them but I don't 🙁 All across California there are Hobby shops that sell these awesome model Rocket kits…but they conveniently neglect to tell the buyer that they are totally illegal to launch in most areas of California without a permit! If you are caught launching a model Rocket without one, it is no different then if you are caught setting-off illegal fireworks – and it carries the same fine. So far, I have only been able to find one flying field in SoCal that states it is legal to launch Rockets at and it is a Free Flight Park in Bakersfield. For more rules on Rockets please check here and here. There are also a few Rocket clubs listed in the Flying Clubs menu that have events with permits. Thank you for taking the time to read my post,

Robert Wright

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