El Dorado Park (Long Beach)

Site Location GPS: 33.825008,-118.088179

Flying Type: Electric R/C

Favorable winds: N/A

Weather Conditions: 


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  1. In the late 70s and early 80s I built an Aquila and went to El Dorado park for a test flight. Joe Richert was there. I watched him fly one of his plane back to a hand catch. He checked me and my plane out and asked if I wanted him to take it for a test flight on his high start. Joe launched it and trimmed it out and handed me the controls.  Joe was totally in love with flying and he shared it with everyone. I moved out of So Cal in 83.  I recently opened up a box of gliders, Aquila Grande 10' and a Javeline 11' that I had packed up 30 years ago after hundreds of flights. I bought new radio servos etc. and I have them ready to fly.  I am planning to head back to El Dorado for the recommissioning test flights on of these weekends. My thanks to those who wrote early history and thanks for keeping it open. 

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