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Eleven Passengers Arrested At LAX for Smuggling Marijuana

Eleven culprits traveling from LAX to London Heathrow have been stopped at the border for attempting to smuggle marijuana

Authorities in London, England, have arrested eleven US citizens for attempting to smuggle over 700 pounds of marijuana into the United Kingdom. Between the dates of January 10 to January 17, the British National Crime Agency seized drugs from multiple flights arriving directly from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Street value of over $7 million

The first seizure of the haul was made on January 10, with another seizure the following day. A further six seizures took place over the weekend. Two more seizures took place on January 17. The total marijuana now stopped at the border has reached 750 pounds (340 kilograms), with an estimated street value of over $7 million.

The latest two are currently being questioned concerning the extensive importation. UK National Crime Agency’s senior investigating Officer Darren Barr commented on the seizures:

“We are working to understand how these seizures are connected. However, to get this many off the same route in such a short period of time is clearly very unusual.

“Drugs couriers face stiff sentences, so I’d urge anyone considering getting involved in such ventures to think very carefully about the consequences.”

Each seizure was between 65-100 pounds

In each instance, the smugglers from LAX carried between 65-100 pounds (30-50 kilograms) of marijuana. The eleven American citizens now have been charged with attempting to import a class B drug across the UK border and remain in custody pending court appearances. The culprits have not been named.

NCA Heathrow Branch Commander, Andy Noyes, commented:

“In light of this unusual series of seizures, law enforcement will undoubtedly be paying more attention to passengers on the Los Angeles to London route and stepping up checks.”

NCA experts have commented that the importation of cannabis from California, where the substance is grown legally, is commonly attempted to be smuggled into the United Kingdom due to the high price paid through UK crime groups.

Airline crew smuggles fentanyl

Drug smuggling is sadly not a rare affair on flights. As reported on Simple Flying earlier, A Mesa Airlines flight attendant was caught smuggling fentanyl through airport security at San Diego International Airport (SAN). The flight attendant now faces up to 20 years in prison for the stunt. In October last year, while attempting to pass through airport security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers noticed multiple packages of fentanyl taped to White’s abdomen.

Terese L. White, from Dallas, TX, reportedly flew off-duty on October 4 from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to San Diego. White was booked for a second flight the same day, however, she exited the airport’s secure area first. White returned to the security checkpoint before a corresponding flight to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), where White attempted to bypass regular security screening procedures using the Known Crew Member queue. However, at random, she was selected for the normal passenger screening process, resulting in the discovery and arrest.

Source: https://simpleflying.com/eleven-passengers-arrested-los-angeles-international-airport-smuggling-marijuana/

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