Ontario International Airport, Discover Inland Empire welcome the world to SoCal’s hottest travel destination

Southern California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) is welcoming global travelers to the attractions, amenities, and hidden wonders of the Inland Empire, through a unique partnership with Discover Inland Empire.

The new Discover IE Center welcomes international travelers arriving at Ontario International Airport.
The new Discover IE Center welcomes international travelers arriving at Ontario International Airport.

The new Discover IE Center will provide travelers arriving through ONT’s International Terminal with information about popular destinations across the two-county region. The center will showcase legendary resorts, natural beauty, historical landmarks, recreational amenities, festive experiences, and events that have made the Inland Empire one of California’s most sought-after places to visit and enjoy. Local businesses also could benefit from ONT’s support of IE’s successful tourism development efforts, which is a win-win for the entire region.

In addition to its more than two dozen domestic destinations, ONT offers direct service to Asia and Latin America and welcomed nearly 200,000 international passengers in 2022. Expanding overseas travel is a major part of the airport’s future, with plans being developed for a new international terminal. Recently, the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) Board of Commissioners approved naming both the existing and the future international terminals in honor of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who was instrumental in the airport’s return to local ownership six years ago.

“The Inland Empire has emerged as a global economic hub, and we see a tremendous opportunity to help introduce a growing number of international visitors to the wonderful assets our region has to offer. This partnership is a step in that direction,” said Atif Elkadi, OIAA chief executive officer.

“Our highly anticipated partnership with ONT truly is a monumental tourism milestone for the Inland Empire and California. The partnership aligns our efforts to bring a broader global audience to the region and allows them to experience the boundless mountains, deserts, wineries, and more. The Inland Empire story begins here at ONT,” said Freddy Bi, Discover Inland Empire’s President, and CEO.

The partnership is the latest success from ONT’s recently launched in-house advertising and partnership program, which saw revenues double to $1.7 million over an 18-month period after the OIAA Board approved an agreement with Fuse Advancement LLC to help implement the revamped advertising and sponsorship sales model.

“Partnerships with organizations such as Discover Inland Empire transcend beyond the traditional advertising model and offer us the opportunity to showcase this dynamic region that ONT is so much a part of,” said Scott Jacobson, Fuse’s founder and chief executive officer.

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