We asked Reddit’s r/OrangeCounty what airports they fly out of if they don’t fly John Wayne Airport (SNA) – Here are the results

by Jose Ruiz, MBA, C.M., ACE
February 09, 2023

We took to Reddit’s Orange County, CA subreddit to see what its residences really feel about flying out of John Wayne and whether competing airports in the area have their hearts. Below are some of the most popular, interesting, or controversial takes.

The 2nd most popular response shows that hometown love is still alive.

Long Beach Airport (LGB) is a fan favorite in Orange County and is getting an overwhelming response of passengers willing to make the drive.

A growing airport outside of the area is starting to garner a bit more attention.

At the end of the day, low prices and options win out for some people.

The options for travel out of Southern California are plenty with different strokes for different folks. John Wayne Airport in touts itself as the only option in Orange County, but its residents are willing to make the trip to Los Angeles and Long Beach if it fits there travel needs a bit more. Some would even go as far as crossing the border to Tijuana to take advantage of the cheaper airfare for Mexican domestic flights.

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