San Diego Airport Receives $20 Million Grant for Terminal 1 Project

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San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 1 project received a $20 million grant from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, along with seven other California airports.

The grant funding was secured by California Senators Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein, along with Congressman Peters. The funds will be used to modernize and upgrade terminals, air traffic control towers, and other facilities to improve energy efficiency and enhance customer experience.

The San Diego Airport Authority CEO, Kimberly Becker, expressed gratitude to the legislators and said the funds would help complete the largest construction project in the airport authority’s history.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has provided nearly $140 million in grants to various Southern California airports. Padilla said that this funding will create jobs and make airports safer and more accessible to millions of Californians and visitors. Feinstein added that this funding is critical for improving the safety and efficiency of travel to support the world’s fourth-largest economy.

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