Santa Barbara Airport Releases Draft Aviation Activity Forecasts for Public Review

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The Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) has released its Draft Aviation Activity Forecasts as part of its Airport Master Plan Update. This public document shows the expected demand at SBA for the next 20 years. The forecasts will be used to determine the growth of the airport and identify potential improvements needed to accommodate the increasing demand.

The Master Plan Update will hold a public information meeting in the Spring of 2023 after the public review period ends. This meeting will discuss the updates made to the airport’s master plan, including the forecasted demands and the necessary improvements to accommodate them.

Additionally, the noise impacts that could result from the 20-year activity levels forecasted in the Draft Aviation Activity Forecasts will be presented in a separate public meeting in the Fall of 2023. The analysis of the preferred airport improvements will identify and discuss potential noise impacts in this meeting.

To ensure public participation in this process, written comments on the Draft Aviation Activity Forecasts can be submitted to until March 30, 2023. Interested individuals can also sign up for email updates related to the project by visiting the Master Plan Update website.

As Santa Barbara Airport continues to grow and evolve, it is important to have a comprehensive master plan that addresses the increasing demand for aviation services. The Draft Aviation Activity Forecasts provide valuable insight into the airport’s anticipated growth, and the public’s input on the proposed plan is crucial. Stay informed and participate in this important process to help shape the future of Santa Barbara Airport.

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