Long Beach Airport Runway to Temporarily Close for Electrical Upgrades from March to July

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Officials at the Long Beach Airport recently announced a $9.5 million rehabilitation project for the primary runway and a few others.

The project aims to upgrade the runways’ electrical systems and bring them into compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s standards, while also improving sustainability efforts. As part of the project, more than 500 new LED lights will replace incandescent and quartz bulbs along the primary runway.

These new lights use anywhere between 75% and 90% less energy. Additionally, 128 new runway edge, centerline, and edge lights and transformers will be installed. The rehabilitation project also includes the replacement of 37 miles of electrical cables and the touchdown zone lights. Lastly, the runway will undergo road repairs with asphalt concrete, grooving, and striping.

The primary runway will temporarily close throughout the project, with closures occurring on Sundays through Thursdays nightly from March 29 to mid-July and daily on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from April 18 to May 24.

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