Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport

Los Angeles Proposes Minimum Wage Increase for Hotel and LAX Workers, Reaching $30 per Hour by 2028

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The Los Angeles City Council is proposing an ordinance to increase the minimum wage for hotel workers and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) workers. If passed, the ordinance would increase the minimum wage to $25 per hour in 2023 with yearly increases of $1 until it reaches $30 per hour in 2028.

The proposed ordinance also includes a provision to raise the value of benefits for LAX workers and add a Public Housekeeping Training requirement for hotel workers. This proposal would apply to all hotel workers at hotels with sixty or more rooms and LAX employees such as security guards, baggage handlers, janitors, airline catering employees, and other airport staff at LAX.

Currently, six city council members support the measure while the remaining eight have not commented. The proposal is also pending an economic impact analysis report and a draft of the ordinance from the Office of the City Attorney. Employers should monitor this development closely, as it could have a significant impact on hotel and LAX workers in Los Angeles.

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