Santa Barbara Airport Joins Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

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Santa Barbara Airport has announced its participation in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program, joining over 200 other airports worldwide. The program helps people with disabilities, particularly non-visible ones, to receive the necessary assistance during travel.

Those interested in participating can voluntarily wear a Sunflower lanyard or other Sunflower-branded item to discreetly indicate that they may need extra help or time. Airport staff are trained to recognize the Sunflower symbol, and the lanyards will be provided free of charge to travelers. To request a lanyard online, a form is available on the airport’s website.

According to Christopher Hastert, Santa Barbara Airport Director, the airport staff is dedicated to ensuring the safety and convenience of all passengers. He emphasized that the airport aims to be innovative and proactive in serving travelers with diverse accessibility needs. By participating in the Sunflower program, passengers who require extra assistance can travel with ease, knowing that the staff is trained and prepared to support them.

The Santa Barbara Airport has been empowering and assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 70 years through its Alpha Resource Center, which is located on-site. The airport’s participation in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program will allow it to extend its support to a wider range of travelers with non-visible disabilities.

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